Why Using Logo stickers is a simple yet effective marketing strategy

Why Using Logo stickers is a simple yet effective marketing strategy

There probably isn’t a day you don’t cross brands with a logo. Logos are powerful visual cues brands use to remain present in our minds.

But they are not reserved for the big brands of the world. It is time for you to benefit from the effect of using them.

And we are here to share how you can achieve a great campaign without exceeding your budget: custom logo stickers.

They are one of the simplest yet most effective marketing strategies you can use to promote your business. There is a reason they are everywhere!

Use stickers to increase brand awareness

We trust certain brands over others because they feel like a better choice. This feeling can be based on previous experience, recommendations, or successful advertising.

But how can a new business compete with that? By creating awareness for a brand even before the first purchase was made. Brand awareness is the level of familiarity a consumer has with a particular brand.

Logo stickers are a great way to get started! They are a customisable, low-cost tool that you can use in different ways: hand them out at business events, give them away freely to consumers, take them with you wherever you go.

Think of them as the offline completion of your online campaign. Creating brand awareness this way helps you reach that prime spot in a customer’s mind.

Make sure your logo is eye-catching and unique

As you want to make consumers aware of your brand, it is important to make sure that your logo stickers are eye-catching and unique. You want people to see and remember them.

There are three elements you should keep in mind when designing your logo:

  • Choose the right sticker size. Your logo needs to be seen in a busy place, ideally from a distance. A 2×2 cm sticker just won’t cut it. We recommend opting for a size between 7 and 12 cm to stand out.
  • Find the perfect material. Did you know that you can select your sticker material? They do not have to be white. You can go for metallic effects or even fluorescent colors to notice your stickers. Just check out the selection your local sticker printer offers.
  • A simple design. The simpler your design, the more effective it will be. Be very selective about the information you include. After all, your stickers should be easy to read and get straight to the point for the best result.

Stick to a consistent branding strategy

Consistency is key when it comes to branding. Find your message, values and beliefs and deliver them over and over again.

Your logo stickers can function as a visual aid to represent that message in their colours, shape and material. Use them to create a unified look across your products, services and locations.

By using logo stickers as your main branding pillar, you can even save money. Instead of having to pay for custom-printed packaging materials, you can simply brand them in-house with cool die-cut stickers.

Logo stickers offer affordable options that help businesses grow in many ways–so what’s stopping you? Get started today and see just how powerful this simple technique can be for growing your business. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.