These 6 exercises will make any soccer player fit and fast.

These 6 exercises can help soccer players increase their soccer fitness and speed in just 21 days. This program is great for pre-season soccer conditioning as well as speed training. This soccer conditioning program will help any soccer player become fit and fast.

It is important to design a speed and conditioning program that targets these specific needs because soccer is a fast sport. Here are 6 speed and conditioning exercises that soccer players should do. Here is a short explanation of each exercise and why it’s important.

These six exercises can be divided into two groups of three. These suggested groups have been included. The first group of three exercises should only be done twice spbo terbaru in a week, while the second group should be completed once a week. Switch it up the next week so that the exercise group that was only done once last week is repeated twice this week and the other group that was twice as often the week before is performed just once. This rotation should be used for all three weeks. Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday training days work best.

Also, it is a good idea for soccer players to stretch and warm up before they begin these exercises. Before beginning this program, any player should speak with their doctor.

These exercises can be completed in as little time as possible.

The First Group of Exercises is:

5-10-15 yard shuttle:
The 60-yard shuttle was designed to improve a soccer player’s acceleration speed and change in direction. Soccer is all about quick acceleration and rapid change of direction. This shuttle will give soccer players an edge. This exercise should be repeated 4-6 times with a brief rest in between.
Shuttle to 20-40-60 Yards:
The 240-yard shuttle tests the soccer player’s endurance and short- and medium-range explosiveness. All soccer players will benefit from this exercise. Each player should perform 3-4 repetitions, with a 2-minute break in between.
200 Yard Shuttle:
A soccer player is running 100 meters, stopping and then running back to where they started. The player is completing the task in less than one minute. This means that if a player takes 40 seconds to complete the shuttle, they have 20 seconds for recovery before they can run the next 200-yard shuttle. One player can run up to 10 runs in a matter of minutes. This is a great exercise to build a solid foundation for conditioning.
The second group of exercises are:

Shuttle to the 10-20-30 yard mark:
The 120 yard shuttle is an upgraded version of the 5-10-15 yard shuttle. This training is anaerobic, making it explosive and powerful for any soccer player. This exercise should be repeated 4-6 times with a 90-second break in between.
30-60-90 yard Shuttle:
The 360-yard shuttle is great for soccer players and also helps with mental toughness. This is a great exercise for all players, but it’s especially good for midfielders. This exercise should be repeated 2-3 times, with a 3-minute break in between.
300 Yard Shuttle:
This shuttle is an essential part of many soccer conditioning programs. Place two cones 25 yards apart. To complete the 300 yard distance, the soccer player runs to one cone, then runs back to the other cone. This is a great conditioning and direction change exercise. It is recommended that players do 2-3 repetitions, with a 3-minute rest between.
This is a great program to help you prepare for the season. They will be able to become fit and fast, which will make them valuable players for their team.

I hope that you enjoyed this speed and conditioning program to improve your soccer skills.

Have a wonderful day!

Gary Christopher